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Big Screen

I saw this movie in the theater yesterday:

It was the first Lord of the Rings Movie! They were doing a special showing. I have seen this movie dozens of times – I would guess the total number is even surpasses a hundred – but it was so fun to watch it in a theater. There were surround-sound elements that I don’t experience at home, and of course the giant screen was much bigger than my TV.

Today is the second movie, and tomorrow is the third, but I won’t be watching them. It’s a serious time commitment. They are playing the extended versions, so each movie is about 3.5 hours.

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  1. Lauren

    How on earth did you stay awake?? How did you pause it to go get snacks or go to the bathroom? Did they let you look at your phone? (Theaters are such a different experience than home viewing.)

    Very cool.

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