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Silver Switch

I stopped at Lowe’s yesterday to finally get new switch plates for my kitchen. I tried black, briefly considered wood, then settled on silver.

The plate I had a sample of wasn’t available in other configurations, so I had to get something else. It turned out good though, because the ones I got instead are much sturdier.

Don’t Touch

I needed to replace the caulk on my bathtub. Finding the right color was difficult because my grout is not white. As it turns out, the color I needed was “bone”.

Putting the caulk on was awful. I can’t just let it be… I have to keep messing with it. I put some on, then wiped it off, then tried again, then wiped it off, then went to the store for some smoothing tools.

The internet said to use tape, so I did:

The finished caulk looked beautiful! And then I messed with it.

The joints themselves still look great. I just got some extra caulk on the walls and tub that I’ll have to clean up now.

A Little Bit

When I get home at night, I’ve been feeling kind of gross just sitting on the couch. I don’t really have any tv I’m excited about right now, and I seem to have lost my ability to read a book.

So I’ve decided to paint a little. Over fall break, I bought paint for my bedroom walls, but I didn’t apply it. I’ve decided to just to a little cutting-in whenever I feel yucky. I’ve painted two different nights so far. It’s a little hard to do at night because it’s white paint over white paint, but I think I’m doing ok.

Third Time’s a Charm

I painted my kitchen a third time, and this time, it’s right. The first time, the color was wrong. it had a purple tint to it. Purple! Ack! The second time, I got the color right, but when I used semi–gloss (like you’re supposed to in the kitchen), the light from my very bright fixture reflected from the wall and blinded me.

This time, I have the right color, and the right sheen – matte. I’m very happy with how it looks. As a bonus, I think the matte version of “Aging Barrel” is a slightly different color, and I like it better.

Hmm… they don’t look very different in pictures. You’ll just have to believe me. It’s a striking difference.

After having painted so much in the last week, I’ll share some tips: 1) Buy expensive paint. It covers in one coat. 2) Buy expensive brushes and rollers. They wont leave bristle tracks (or bristles) in the paint. The downside: you must wash them at the end instead of throwing them away. 3) If you have to take a break, put the brush in a sandwich bag, and use Glad Press-n-seal to cover the paint cup. The Press-n-seal will also cover an entire roller tray.

If paint drips onto a hard surface, you can leave it. After a day, it will be dry, but flexible. It will pop right off. It’s way more fun that wiping.


I’m painting my living room again. When I did it five months ago, I thought I was painting it grey, but I was actually painting it a light blue that looked lavender during some times of the day. Ugh. Why do all my paint choices end up being shades of purple?

I have just been dealing with it, but getting all the samples for the kitchen wall inspired me to try to find a true grey. I did! Woo hoo!

The white door looks so much better with the grey instead of the blue
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