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A Wrenching Issue

My kitchen table has gotten wobbly lately. Yesterday morning I was trying to help my mom change her plane ticket so she could stay here longer, and the wobbling was crazy. So after we were done, I decided to tighten the legs of the table.

They required a hex wrench. I have a set, so I searched through all the sizes and found two that sort of worked… one was too big and one was too small.

I did eventually get the legs tightened, but after I finished tightening the loose screws, I saw that Brad-from-the-past had very helpfully left the appropriately-sized wrench in an obvious and easy-to-see location.

I left it there. Maybe I’ll need to tighten the legs again some day…

We did get the ticket changed. Mom is staying another week! Yay!

Success or Failure

My new air conditioner is in the wall! Yay! I’m not sure if it’s installed correctly. The installation instructions were awful. As a back up, I’ve read a lot of internet instructions and watched a lot of installation videos. No one seems to give simple directions for through-the-wall installation.

So either it’s hopelessly complicated, or absolutely nothing matters about how you put one of these air conditioners in. I’m going to go with the second possibility. That’s not to say that I wasn’t meticulous in following the directions that came with this unit… but they were so, so bad…

Silver Switch

I stopped at Lowe’s yesterday to finally get new switch plates for my kitchen. I tried black, briefly considered wood, then settled on silver.

The plate I had a sample of wasn’t available in other configurations, so I had to get something else. It turned out good though, because the ones I got instead are much sturdier.

Don’t Touch

I needed to replace the caulk on my bathtub. Finding the right color was difficult because my grout is not white. As it turns out, the color I needed was “bone”.

Putting the caulk on was awful. I can’t just let it be… I have to keep messing with it. I put some on, then wiped it off, then tried again, then wiped it off, then went to the store for some smoothing tools.

The internet said to use tape, so I did:

The finished caulk looked beautiful! And then I messed with it.

The joints themselves still look great. I just got some extra caulk on the walls and tub that I’ll have to clean up now.

A Little Bit

When I get home at night, I’ve been feeling kind of gross just sitting on the couch. I don’t really have any tv I’m excited about right now, and I seem to have lost my ability to read a book.

So I’ve decided to paint a little. Over fall break, I bought paint for my bedroom walls, but I didn’t apply it. I’ve decided to just to a little cutting-in whenever I feel yucky. I’ve painted two different nights so far. It’s a little hard to do at night because it’s white paint over white paint, but I think I’m doing ok.

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