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Small Differences

Yesterday morning when I went out to my truck, the windshield looked like this:

It was so strange. I haven’t seen condensation on my windshield for years – not since I lived in Baltimore.

I spent a chunk of the day yesterday at school. When I got home, I painted a little, then I went for a swim. After dinner, I switched out the toilet handle. The old one was skinny and short. It was so uncomfortable to use. My hand kept slipping off of it.

The new one is bronze-colored like the sink and tub fixtures. Metals must match.

Tile Time

I guess there are going to be a lot of posts about my house now.

Yesterday, I met with a contractor to discuss my master bathroom. The floor of the shower is leaking. Since the tiles will need to be torn up to fix the leak, I will be replacing all the tiles. I spent a lot of time yesterday looking at tiles.

One of my favorites for the shower wall was a big tile with a raised triangle pattern. It’s so cool.

I spent a lot of time looking for floor tiles that would go well with it, and then was reading about this trangle-y tile online, when I noticed that it was not rated for places that get wet. D’oh! The shower wall gets wet all the time!

Back to the drawing board.

Console Concern

I am selling my truck to my replacement, Zach, and just weeks before I hand it over, the latch on the center console broke. Ack! It wouldn’t stay latched because the spring is lost. The spring is lost because something broke that holds the spring in. Dang.

I went looking online to see if I could do anything about it, and found that they sell a replacement latch. It was only 10 bucks! Nice! I ordered one. It came yesterday, and I replaced it.

Now the console stays closed, and Zach can have a trouble-free driving experience.

Clean Condo

My realtors came over for a walkthrough yesterday morning. It’s a husband and wife team, and have loved working with them. After our first meeting, the wife asked if she could close with prayer! Awesome!

I was nervous to have them see my place, so I worked hard to complete projects and clean things. I still haven’t finished painting the bedrooms though. I have got to get that done! Ugh.

It was fun to have them walk around and look at things, because they kept saying: “It’s so clean!” That made me feel really good. 🙂 I also felt really good about the comp listings they showed me. It’s a seller’s market right now, so I should do well on the sale. I’m glad, because I want to try to buy in LA if I can, and their market is pretty heated right now too.

A Little of This and a Little of That

Happy Easter! His is risen! Alleluia!

Yesterday I had big plans of doing lots of projects in my condo that are half done. I only made minor progress. Dang.

I did get the sword down from my living room wall though. I figure that might be a little distracting when people are viewing the condo. I will carefully wrap it up, and it will make its way across the ocean again.

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