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Berry Blast

It’s been a long time since I tried a new toothpaste, but I saw a new one recently and had to get it.

As I’ve said before, my big issue with toothpaste is the inclusion of sodium saccharin. It has an aftertaste that stays in my mouth long after I use toothpaste containing it. Tree-hugger toothpaste seems to be the way to go, but I always have to be sure it contains fluoride, which can be hard to find sometimes. This new toothpaste is berry-flavored. There was a grape version, but it had stevia in it, which has an aftertaste I don’t like.

So how does the berry toothpaste taste? It has a good flavor, but a bit of sourness to it. It doesn’t foam much because it doesn’t have a foaming agent in it. I like it, but I don’t think I’ll get it again. It’s better than using a toothpaste with sodium saccharin in it, but it’s not better than my regular choice: Tom’s of Maine sweet mint gel.

It has sparkles.

It has sparkles.

Extra Soft

I use a super-soft bristle toothbrush. I’ve read too much about rubbing off your enamel to use a regular toothbrush. There are lots of toothbrushes that say “soft”, but I disagree with that appellation most times. I think most toothbrushes feel like wire.

The softest brush I’ve found is from the Korean grocery store that’s near my school. I’ve even posted about it.

I keep forgetting to stop by H-Mart to get a new brush, but I was at a different grocery store the other day and decided to take a look at their toothbrush offerings. I saw something interesting: a Sensodyne ‘Extra Soft’ toothbrush. I decided to get it.

It is wonderful! It really is extra soft – just what I want!

It's a keeper

It’s a keeper

Crayon Paste

On my recent airplane trip, I took only carry-on luggage. That meant not taking my regular toothpaste, because it was too big. Fortunately, I had some smaller tubes: I had just recently bought some Crayola toothpaste. I originally bought it because it did have fluoride, and did not have sodium saccharin. It’s a hard combination to find.

It is a three-tube box containing Blueberry Burst, Melon Blast, and Jazzy Apple. I took the blueberry flavor because I knew I would like that. It was indeed good. Last night I decided to taste the melon and apple flavors. I didn’t like them. To be fair, I must say I don’t like artificial melon and apple flavors. I would have preferred them to be cherry and lime or something. And if there were such thing as grape? Mmm… that would be the best.

I am glad I had the blueberry for my carry-on, but I will not buy this toothpaste again, because I will end up throwing away two thirds of it.

Bad, Bad, Good.

Bad, Bad, Good.


Since losing my default toothpaste of Biotene to the evil of sodium saccharin, I’ve had a hard time finding toothpaste to buy. Tom’s of Maine is always a safe choice, but I really prefer the gel formulations because they have a stronger flavor. Unfortunately, the gel formulations are hard to find.

Yesterday, I found some Tom’s gel toothpaste at the grocery store. I was so excited, I got three tubes. I’ll have toothpaste for months before I have to buy again!

The flavor of Sweet Mint sort of reminds me of white Tic Tacs.

The flavor of Sweet Mint sort of reminds me of white Tic Tacs.


I got a new tube of Biotene, my regular brand of toothpaste. It said “new and improved” on the box. When I took it out, I noticed they changed the cap. It used to be a flip cap, but now it’s a screw-off lid. Dang. When I started brushing my teeth, I tasted the dull metallic flavor of sodium saccharin. Double Dang. I had already thrown the box away, so I couldn’t read it. Since I was in the store yesterday, I checked. Sure enough, there it was:

AND sucralose?  Are they trying to kill me?

AND sucralose? Are they trying to kill me?

Biotene was my go-to toothpaste, dang it. Now I can never use it again. Artificial sweeteners leave a bitter/metallic taste in my mouth long after I’ve used them. Fortunately, I have a couple other toothpastes to turn to.

Tom's to the rescue!

Tom’s to the rescue!

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