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I Think I Might Have a Problem

I love my tungsten rings. I have two of them. Having gotten the second ring from www.sparklecartel.com for crazy cheap, I now check daily for tungsten rings. They offer them frequently. While I was in Nebraska, I saw another ring I liked. I ordered it. It’s completely smooth. This will definitely test the “not-able-to-be-scratched” claim of tungsten.

So... shiny...

How many rings is too many? In the name of science, I’m going to try to find out.


  1. Lauren

    Ha! “In the name of science…”

    Well, junkie, they say that the first step is admitting you have a problem. I’d say that when you have enough for each finger and toe, it’s time to slow down.

  2. Beth

    I think rings are like ties. If you have more than one for each day of the year, then it’s too many. So, carry on.

    • Deanne

      I totally agree with Beth

      • Peggy

        Me too. Buy away.

        This site always reminds me of the old show ‘Dallas’. Why you ask? Because of The Cartel.
        So Lloyd, can you find a cartel that offers more of just ladies jewelry?


        I wouldn’t give you the dust off my car.”

        • Deborah

          I’ve toured Southfork Ranch. My sister lives near it. It was quite funny.

    • Brad

      I think you guys are what Dr. Phil would call “enablers”. 🙂

      But I will definitely follow your advice.

  3. Michele

    I think you should wear all of them in one day (assuming you have enough fingers!) Just try it and see if the kids notice.

  4. Lauren

    Dang. That is an incredibly focused picture.

    • Brad

      It was the seventh picture I took. It was farther away than the first six. The camera was set on “automatic”. I left the setting decisions up to the camera. I’m still trying to figure it out, but I get a good picture every once in a while.

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