A Most Excellent Party

Back in January, I won a wine and cheese party at our school’s bingo night. The party was yesterday.

It was awesome! It was at a showroom for Kenwood Kitchens, Michele’s family’s business. They did an awesome job of arranging it. Thanks, Michele and everyone else! It was so fun!

At first I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fill up a party full of people, but in the end I had invited too many! There were some no-shows, so it turned out okay. I was nervous about being the only person who knew everyone there, but it was kind of fun. It made me feel important, and I never lacked for conversation.

This was the kitchen with all the food.

A kitchen showroom is the perfect location for a party. People tend to gather in the kitchen at parties anyway, and a showroom has a ton of kitchens! Wandering around looking at all the amazing cabinet and countertop combinations was really fun. I liked the traditional-looking kitchen with marble countertops. I should have taken a picture, but I was having so much fun I forgot.

One of my bingo table partners, Melissa, was having her birthday yesterday. I brought cakes. She can’t have gluten, so I looked for a flourless recipe. I found a really easy one, and made it. I couldn’t believe how cakey it was. And it was so chocolatey.

This is actually a picture of my test cake on Saturday.

There was a chef there, too. He was making hot appetizers. They were delicious! I especially loved the steak kabobs he made. They were so tender. He also made little cupcakes that had the most amazing topping on them. I mean, this topping is the best thing since Nutella. It’s Biscoff cookies ground up and made into a paste. I’ve only ever had Biscoff cookies while flying. It’s them or pretzels, and I usually choose them. This topping tasted just like them. And the chef told me where to get it. Awesome! Now I can eat cookies with a spoon.

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3 Responses to A Most Excellent Party

  1. Lauren says:

    Hooray! Hooray!!! That party looks fantastic! You are completely right that a kitchen showroom is tops for a party. All those kitchens?? *sigh* The room for Rich Inner World wanderings is endless.

    Your cake looks incredible. I can’t believe that there is no flour in it – how on earth do the bubbles stay? You should post the recipe for my mom – she’s having gluten issues and this looks pretty dang good.

    Happy Day-After-Your-Party!

  2. Carol says:

    Thanks for including the Freys in all this hoo rah – it was very enjoyable! ‘Course, it was driven home quite soon that our home has no room for any of the exciting cabinetry/appliances/sinks/counters/bowls/tubs/showers we saw there. Even if we knocked out all interior walls, our home would be nothing but kitchen and bathroom.


    …and I’ll second the “it was very chocolatey” comment – and I believe I hold the local degree in chocolatology, correct? 😉

  3. Peggy says:

    You are so right Brad about having all those kitchens for a gathering. Dang, instead of getting new furniture recently, I should have just changed those rooms into kitchens.

    Thanks for inviting me too! It was indeed a blast! It was good to see friends I haven’t seen in a while …. and the food was so good! As was your flourless cake! It was like a fudgey fiesta in my mouth. It was really nice of you to make it for Melissa.

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