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Yesterday we went to Lahaina. Samith hadn’t been there yet, and he leaves tonight for Nebraska. Curt hadn’t been there either. Everything’s new to him.

We walked around the downtown shops a little. And of course we had to check out the banyan tree. It’s the largest one in the United States. The fourth largest one in the world!

It's so woodsy.

It’s so woodsy.

Lloyd did a panoramic picture. Something weird happened though. I look like a potato. See it HERE.

I told them that there was a padlock on one of the roots that was famous for being in a previous Bradaptation post. We found it! Samith took his picture with it:

Still famous.

Still famous.

We went to the beach in Lahaina to go swimming. The waves were really big. It was fun, but we got rolled under by crashing waves. Jumping over the top of a wave is fun. Being ground against the sand underneath a wave isn’t so fun.

When we got home, we all had to shower. Lloyd had an amazing amount of sand in his shorts:

At least a cup of sand.

At least a cup of sand.

After we settled in at home, the guys surprised me with a shirt:

They are everywhere - Maui chickens

They are everywhere – Maui chickens

Hahaha! The shirt is awesome! I love the chickens on Maui. This shirt will remind me of my fond feelings for my fowl friends.


  1. Lauren

    That shirt is hilarious! If Maui ever had a professional sports team, they should definitely be the Maui Chickens.

    That tree is crazy. Lloyd sent me a photo and I thought, “Yeah, it’s a pretty big tree,” but when another photo came in of ‘all the trees’ and he said that it’s just one? Well, that’s a pretty big (and scary) tree.

    Enjoy your last day in Maui, Samith! Enjoy your second day in Maui, Curt! Lloyd and Brad, I am too lazy to calculate your days!

  2. Carol

    Random thoughts:
    *Sadly, the panoramic didn’t work on my end. All I got was two pair of legs – nothing above the waist and nothing rotated. Technology hates me. I really wanted to see Mr. Potatohead…
    *When I saw the tub, immediately my brain went to the David DeBoy local hit “I’m goin’ down, down, down de oshun” because it has a line about shaking sand out of my shorts. Overachiever that he is, Lloyd could have been the poster boy for that, it would appear.
    *That is truly a wonderful shirt – can’t wait to see the person himself wearing it…ahem…

    So glad your final days in paradise are all seeming to be super vacation days. Yea, end of school (I can see the light at the end of the tunnel myself now…and I don’t even think it’s a train headlamp!) – yea, friends who travel thousands of miles to visit – yea, chickens! 🙂

  3. Aunt Bev

    (^_^) I would have love to have been a mouse in your pocket during your friends’ visit……God Is Good All The Time!!!!

  4. Kim

    That is a cool tree. And the chicken shirt is excellent.

  5. Peggy

    I look like a potato….HAHA!

    And dang, you could build a sand castle with the sand in that tub!

    Love the shirt! Very funny guys! Continue to enjoy!

  6. Curt

    My first day here was awesome!! I can see why people live here.

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