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Last night I had dinner in the town square of Seward. In conjunction with the farmers’ market that happens every Wednesday, hamburgers and sodas are offered at a modest price. To be clear, it’s not as amazing as Pop-N-Dog, but it is a cheap night out.

I went with my dad, Beth, Tara, and Tim. We spread a blanket on the grass and enjoyed having some cheap eats.

The cooking is done in the parking lot of Cattle National Bank. Ha! Isn’t that a great name for a bank?

It was kinda hot.

Beth got some cookies at the farmers’ market that had colored sugar on them. Tim fully endorsed their tastiness.

The blue went well with his shirt.


  1. Deanne

    95 degrees, huh? The corn must be a’growin’… Eat up, Tim! You need to replace the electrolytes you’re sweating out!

  2. Lauren

    Ninety. Five. Degrees. You are crazy! I’m glad someone fed you, though. 🙂

  3. Beth

    The blue sugar hue also compliments the big bruise on Tim’s noggin. Darn door frames getting in the way of his walking.

  4. Peggy

    Not only 95 degrees, but 95 degrees at 6:10 in the evening. Holy Cattle!! Glad you enjoyed your picnic—was the bank giving out any free samples?

    Is that Tim’s first bruise? Matt’s face was always covered with cuts & such … he was a climber from 10 months. Then he fractured his arm in kindergarten, then broke both arms falling out of a tree in 2nd grade, dislocated his knee playing baseball in 4th grade & so on & so on … now he’s going to West Point & wants to jump out of planes & learn to fly a helicopter. sigh

    And Hi Mr. Royuk … I guess both hips are fully functionally huh? Horray!!

    • Beth

      Not his first bruise, but considerably more obvious than his previous knee/shin bruises.

      I expect to be in the ER with Tim lots of times…broken things, stitches, weird skin rashes resulting from wrestling…this is my future… 😉

  5. Peggy

    BTW Brad: I HAVE A TEENY TINY PEPPER!!!!!!! “Everybody dance now …”

    • Beth

      Great. Now I have THAT song stuck in my head.

      (But, congrats on the tiny pepper! 😀 ).

    • Carol

      [Whut-chew-talkin’-bout, Willis?]

      Yeh, so, after all those childhood injuries, Matt’s attending a military school still concerns you, Peggy? I think Matt’s worked all those bugs out already, no?

      Nothing better than sticky colored sugar all over ya’ on a hot summer evening, I always say…well..I said it just now anyway…personally, I prefer the marshmallow cream of an icy cold Bawlmer snowball running down my arm from my hand where I am holding a large chocolate with homemade ice cream in the middle. In our neighborhood, they’re called Highlandtowners…Hon…and I haven’t had one in over a year since my favorite “supplier” moved to another street corner location. they really can be addicting.

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