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Not Again!

Lloyd has departed for a conference and some family visits. As I took him to the airport yesterday, the heavens wept. It actually did storm a lot. I had an adventurous drive through Omaha in their stick-shift car in a torrential downpour while looking for a bathroom stop.

Lloyd’s departure didn’t only coincide with meteorological disturbances, but also dairy phenomena. My milk has gone sour before its time. The “Best By” date is the 30th. That’s still three days away!

What is it with me and milk that sours early? Do I have some kind of super power that sours milk? Do I have an extra-sensory power that I can pick the gallon that’s already going bad? I could add that to my super power to make dogs misbehave and my special ability to choose only mealy apples.

Dang. If this keeps up, I’ll have to start a “sour milk” category for bradaptation.

I still have three days!


  1. Lauren

    You are not alone! Yesterday at lunch all our milk cartons at school were sour. Fortunately (for me, anyway) it wasn’t my discovery – one of the other teachers took a big drink and gagged. They were dated June 28, so maybe it’s our cows.

    • Brad

      Is there something radioactive in Seward that’s making all the milk go sour? Maybe this should be in the “Investigations” category.

    • Kim

      …big drink and gagged…

      now I just gagged.

  2. Beth

    I think you misspelled dnag.

  3. kiwe

    What is really strange…Yesterday I went to put milk in my coffee before heading off to summer school, and it came out chunky and “plopped” into my nice cup of chilled coffee. No joke.
    Your powers extend across the country.
    Brad is contaminating the worlds milk supply.

    • Karla

      So you like a little cottage cheese in your coffee, Kiwe? 😉

    • Michele

      “plopped”?? Thanks kiwe! I too (like Kim) have now gagged.
      Kiwe – I sympathize with you, especially considering your COFFEE was ruined – that’s just plain sinful! If my coffee is ruined by sugar or some other worker mishap, my head spins around and my voice changes to an almost demon-like sound. It’s ugly!

  4. Carol

    Maybe you need to look for milk from California cows – would a carton or jug indicate state of origin, I wonder? At least, according to their commercials that’s where the happy (aka contented) cows live. I should think it implausible that contented cows would give sour milk, don’t you?

    Meanwhile, perfect your cheese-making skills, Brad – apparently you’re getting more than your share of raw material to work with of late…

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