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Good Beginning. Good Ending.

Yesterday I went to school to start getting ready for the school year. We have lots of meetings scheduled before the kids come, but yesterday was a work day. The approach to the front door was ominous in the overcast morning light.

Cue the foreboding music.

But once the day got going, it wasn’t so bad. I got a new laptop and configured it, which took a while. Then I got to work on this year’s bulletin board. The verse for the year is kind of challenging, because on the surface, it’s a little depressing, since it talks about suffering and persevering. But the end of the verse is so nice, I was really drawn to it. It led me to do this bulletin board:

It's rather simple this year.

The right-hand side of the “book” is a quote from Revelation. It’s one of my favorites. I am so looking forward to heaven.

Good ending.


  1. Lauren

    Once again, your bulletin board is amazing. The font for the last line of the ‘story’ is just perfect. 🙂

    That Bible verse is one that reminds me of a part of some story where the guy is forging a steel sword. He takes the bar of metal and heats it over the fire then pounds it and folds it over and pounds it some more, then repeats that over and over until he has an amazing hardened carbon-steel sword. It’s the poundings – the suffering – that build character.

  2. Kristi

    No story could ever end better than this one.

  3. Peggy

    LOVE the bulletin board! And simple is often the most meaningful!

    This is one story that I’m sure glad I know the ending to. Here’s to living happily ever after!

  4. Carol

    …so I was dead serious about suggesting you submit your bulletin board ideas for publication, Brad. You do have photos of most of them, right? Other Lutheran teachers who are not nearly so creative could steal use your renderings in their own rooms many miles away and students there would be just as awe-struck. (Well, ok, at least their colleagues would be awe-struck.) Hoping to see your name under “author” somewhere like the CPH website soon.

  5. Carol

    …and when did that light mid-way up the stairs to the MS porch get repaired? I must have slept through that; will have to pay attention tomorrow. I’ve only walked past that a gajillion times in the last few weeks and not seen it. Nicely done, though!

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