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Auction and A Tail

Yesterday I went with Lloyd and Lauren to an auction in Lincoln. I was excited to go because I have my pickup truck with me on this trip, and I could buy ANYTHING – even big things! But there wasn’t anything there I wanted. Dang.

I’ll have to find some auctions in the Baltimore area. They’re fun. Well, they’re fun when I tell Lloyd I want something and he bids on it while I go with Lauren to McDonald’s for breakfast. Maybe they wouldn’t be as fun if I were bidding.

There were a few desks and cabinets, but otherwise it was a lot of computers.

There were a few desks and cabinets, but otherwise it was a lot of computers.

While Lloyd continued bidding on stuff, Lauren and I went to some stores. We didn’t really see any… Wait a minute – what’s that guy in the middle of the picture wearing?

Is that a Japanese Illuminati symbol? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my old nemesis organization. I did not have any contact with this JI member. Perhaps it was only a reconnaissance mission. I’ll have to be careful. Nebraska is where I’ve seen some of the closest surveillance by this group.


  1. Lauren

    At this point, maybe you should just take a load of sticks back to Maryland. It would be a shame to not leave here with something.

  2. Carol

    Gus’ Diary, Day 11:

    Cheesh, I must have totally slept through today – and, apparently, my usual human spent no time with me (or surely he would have noted that here). What is this “auction” experience of which he speaks? The name sounds like what one of my species might do with a hairball, but I can’t imagine humans standing around bidding on that. Tad confused…

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