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The Case of the Pillows

A while back, I took the covers off of my couch pillows so I could wash them. As I removed the pillow padding, the inside pillowcase disintegrated, leaving me with loose pillow fluff. I threw it away. I put the pillow covers aside, thinking I’d get new pillow inserts for them.

Yesterday I finally did it. Except instead of getting pillow inserts, I went to Ross and got actual pillows. I had measured the cases as 20 inches, but I don’t like squishy pillows – I like firm ones. So I got 24 inch pillows and stuffed them inside the 20 inch cases. It’s perfect! The couch pillows are overstuffed and crazy-firm.

The ‘cased’ pillow is on the right. It’s smaller, but much less squishy.


  1. Lauren

    That is some brilliant problem-solving right there.

    Ha! I just saw your foot in the photo! Even though you gave the measurements, the photo makes them look like smaller throw pillows. I see the actual size now.

    • Brad

      Because my foot is on the floor and the pillows are on the couch, the picture makes the pillows look larger than they are. I should have put a dollar bill for scale, but all my bills were wet because I put my wallet in the washing machine. D’oh!

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