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Abandoned(?) Auto

When I stand outside after school waiting for parents to pick up kids, my eyes often fall on a car that’s parked across the street. It’s been there for a long time. I often wonder if there is a limit to how long a car can just sit on the side of the road with flat tires.


  1. Lauren

    Huh. Maybe someone is living in it. If so, now it has a solid foundation.

  2. Carol

    Curious about this myself, I started digging. One site would say 24 hours before towing…another, up to 72…regardless, I found this website with seemingly-relevant info for you: https://www.hawaiizerowaste.org/recycle/automotive/

    …from which I cut-and paste here: “It is a crime to dump a vehicle along the road, in a field or anywhere. The owner will be fined and will be required to pay all charges for removing and disposing of the vehicle. It is not free to abandon a vehicle.”

    So unless you wanted to make a giant planter or something out of that car, it would seem it could be easily removed at no cost to you…? Let us know how that goes.

    BTW, this is in contrast to Baltimore County where, at least when we owned our shop in the 1990’s, you could call any time about someone parking without authorization on your privately-owned lot and watch as the people with any authority totally ignored the situation for months.

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