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Wet Warbler

While Brent and Sandra were visiting, I put some birdseed out on the lanai. It brought all kinds of birds, to our delight. Brent spent a little time on his belly on the floor of the living room taking pictures. He got some awesome shots of birds.

I don’t have birdseed out anymore, but my lotus pot is still there, and the birds like drinking and bathing there. Yesterday, I saw a variety of bird I’ve never seen on my lanai. It’s a small green bird with white around its eye. It’s name? Warbling White-eye. Not very imaginative, but it does describe it I guess.

My bird pictures are pretty poor compared to Brent’s, but this picture in my digital memory will at least help me hold the image in my wetware memory.

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  1. Lauren

    “Wetware memory” – HA! I love that! Such an apt description.

    This spring we’ve put some bird feeders on the playground and have had so many birds visit and make themselves at home. It’s been great watching them, but we just have barn swallows, robins and sparrows – nothing exotic. At least, none that my wetware recognizes…..

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