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A Day Off

There was no school yesterday, and I didn’t even go into my classroom once! Woo hoo! I seriously need to do more of that. I mean, I do like getting things in order and being ready for the week, and if I don’t sit around at school, I’m often just sitting around at home, but still… there are some really nice things to do here, and I should do them.

Anyway, I met my coworker Liz for a hike on the Waiakoa Loop trail. I’ve been there before, but it’s just such a nice hike through upcountry forest. Yesterday it was cool and cloudy the whole time. A great hike!

We had met at school to drive up together, and afterward, I was tempted to go into my classroom, but I decided I’d just go home.

I slept on the couch a little, puttered on the lanai a little, did some laundry and house cleaning… it was a really nice day.

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  1. Lauren

    Yes! A true day off! Good for you – I am glad you enjoyed it! I spent the day doing practically nothing, as well, and it was SO NICE to have a guilt-free day away. More Labor Days!

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