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Bee Friends

There are some palm trees blooming next to the table where I sit for recess. Yesterday, I couldn’t stop watching the honeybees there. It was amazing.

I seem to be getting less and less afraid of honey bees. That’s the opposite of what’s happening with heights, flying, sharks, and driving past people who are walking along the side of the road. Just the other day, there was a honeybee in the boys bathroom at school, and I picked it up on a piece of paper and took it outside. And I got up close and personal for these pictures. The bees were flying all over, and I wasn’t scared. Bees are good! Yay!

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  1. Lauren

    You and Beth are becoming Bee People! She told me about your grandpa’s amazing affinity for bees, so this must be genetic.

    I’m glad to see bees around – we need more bees!

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