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In the Ground

Yesterday while I was at school, I finally planted the two trees that have been behind my desk.

I put the wiliwili tree in a spot that will be visible from the driveway and from the preschool play yard. It will have beautiful flowers eventually. I’m not sure when they start flowering. Sometimes plants have to be a few years old before they flower… I should look that up.

I put the crown flower tree farther down the property. I wanted to have it be closer to the kindergarten room, because crown flower trees are the main host plant for monarch butterflies here, and Andrea always catches a few monarch caterpillars and keeps them in her room until they transform into butterflies. If the tree is closer to her room, her kids can see it better.

I’ll have to water both of these for a little while. Winter is the rainy season here, so hopefully after a while the rain will be enough for them. Both trees are really drought-tolerant, so they should do well.

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  1. Lauren

    Oh, you are so thoughtful in your tree placement! On behalf of the little kids, thank you. 🙂

    I hope they bloom and do wonderfully!

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