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Sunday Service

While we’re between pastors, some of us are helping out with leading the Sunday services. It was my turn this past Sunday. HERE is the message.

I gave the message three times. There were two services in the morning. The first time I was really careful, the second time, I was a little more nervous. There was a third time, too. It was in Lahaina at 5pm. I was most relaxed for the message there. It was fun.

The Lahaina service happens in a Seventh Day Adventist church building. I hadn’t been there in a while. I was glad Russell drove me there:

I won’t take another turn until January. Maybe that’s good. I was tired when I was done.


  1. Lauren

    Oh, Brad, that was perfect. Just what I needed to hear this morning, and how great that three different groups of people got to hear these words. Thank you! I’m going to send this on to my dad. 🙂

    As I read it, I was remembering a phrase my director said on our workday – “Never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit”. I am thankful for strong Christian friends!

  2. Peggy

    I can’t open the message. I clicked HERE, but nothing happened. Can you send it to me somehow?

    • Brad

      It won’t open the document. It should download it to your computer. Then you’d have to click the file. I’ll email it to you.

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