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Finally Folded

For a long time, I’ve been putting my clean laundry onto the beds in my guest bedroom. I tell myself I’m going to fold things there. The one bed is high off the ground, so it’s nice for folding. But I never get to it, and the clothes stay there, and I just go in there to get something wear. The clutter bothers me, but I never do anything about it.

Then yesterday, I folded all the clothes. AND I did new laundry and folded it as well. The guest bedroom is now empty and clean, and my clothes are all put away!

This is my favorite room in my condo. It is simply appointed, and (when there isn’t laundry all over the place) it looks really clean. So nice….

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  1. Lauren

    It is a very beautiful room! So peaceful and clean…….

    I am trying to move toward ‘less stuff’ and uncluttered. I saw a saying that is echoing in my brain – “All this clutter used to be money, and all that money used to be time.” Dang it!

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