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Forgotten Books

A while back, I saw some books for sale on the Scholastic book order thingy. It was the whole “I Survived…” series. Some of my kids like these, because they’re engaging and easy to read. And they were half the regular price! Awesome!

I thought I ordered them, but then they didn’t come and they didn’t come. I looked in my bank account history and didn’t see a charge. Had I not clicked the “buy” button or something? Dang. I wanted those books.

And then yesterday, they arrived! Woo hoo! I was so excited! I did order them! As a bonus, spending a certain amount got you a free book, so I got “The Westing Game” too! Nice!


  1. Lauren

    The Westing Game! The book I’ve read many times since childhood and still can’t remember the whole plot! Maybe a re-read in my fifties……

    I am so glad your books arrived – all shrink-wrapped and ready to be devoured! They’re history lessons in an exciting form? (Bring those to Nebraska, please.)

  2. Carol

    So many characters to keep straight in the Westing Game – then one of them turns out to actually be…another of the characters anyway. (Oh..spoiler? My bad.) Our ILA teacher for middle school has the students complete large windows in a big paper house with their names, pictures, and major character traits of each of them so they can refer to it if they get confused while they read along. I thought that was brilliant. Happy free book!

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