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Mall Stop

Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before. I went to the mall on Good Friday. Our Good Friday service was quite short. I had spent most of the day at home, so I didn’t want to go right back there after the service, so I went to the mall.

The Easter Bunny was there.

The reason I went is that this coming Wednesday, I want to do the chapel message where I stamp the word “Alleluia” on the foreheads of anyone who wishes to come forward. (people can opt for their hand instead). It’s sort of an Easter version of Ash Wednesday. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. I have old stamp pads with gold ink, but I wanted to get some new ones.

Mission accomplished, though I couldn’t find an all-gold pad and had to get one that was three colors in one.

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  1. Lauren

    What a cool idea! Alleluia!! (*whispered*I realize it’s not yet time to say it.)

    I did some Good Friday shopping, too. I couldn’t sleep and was up at 2, so the day started early and I was at Wal*Mart at 6. No giant bunnies, though. 🙂

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