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Sunday, Sort Of

It was a weird Sunday, because I didn’t have any grading to do. I did at least start it normally, by going to church. I played piano yesterday. I messed up a lot. Still, it’s fun to be involved in the worship service.

After the service, there was a birthday celebration for the pastor emeritus. It was fun to chat and have some refreshments.

I went to my classroom after that, but since I didn’t have any papers, I just sat in my desk chair a little…. and fell asleep. Ha! So it WAS like a regular grading Sunday.

Since some time had passed, I was hungry, so I stopped at what must be my favorite restaurant on Maui, based on the fact that I have eaten there more than any other place – IHOP. Mmm… it was delicious

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  1. Lauren

    There is something to be said for routine. Your Sunday nap is just an off-site location! 😀

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