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What Next?

For the last few weeks, I’ve always had a Most Important Thing to do. I work better when I focus on just on thing, so it’s been the thing with the nearest deadline.

Now I’m finding that the list of things I have to do is less sequential, and so I’m not sure what to do next. And so I’m doing not much at all. Ack. I suppose I do like the rest, but I’m not filling my “nothing” with trips to the beach or hiking excursions – I’m just watching TV and looking at my phone. Stupid Brad.

I did go to school yesterday, and I cleaned my fish tank. I also stopped at Home Depot to get some moving boxes. But most of the rest of the day was me on the couch. Eating junk. Ugh. At least I have exercise today, so that’ll get me out of bed early…

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  1. Lauren

    I always have to make a paper list, otherwise I get WAY off track. As the day goes on, I do write the stuff I actually did, too, just to cross it off. “Eat lunch” Ahh. the feeling of accomplishment…….. 😉

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