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Decoration Dreams

I got a package at school yesterday. It was wood for my aquarium landscaping. It’s fun to have a blank slate and be able to decorate all over again, but I’ve been thinking – because I always use the same elements, my aquariums have all tended to look the same.

I use small gravel, because it’s easier to clean than big rocks or aquarium soil. I use java ferns, because they grow so easily and dependably. I use mopani wood, because I like how twisty it is, and because it’s heavier than water.

And everything looks the same.

I looked for some kind of decoration to put in, something to make it different, and I found something I really like: a little statue of Poseidon. It’s beautiful and tank safe, but it’s kind of pricey. But it’s so cool…

And when I played around with different arrangements the wood, it sort of went together into an amphitheater shape. Poseidon would look in the middle of this I think:

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  1. Lauren

    Do it. Totally do it! Think of the conversations that could spark!

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