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Small Differences

Yesterday morning when I went out to my truck, the windshield looked like this:

It was so strange. I haven’t seen condensation on my windshield for years – not since I lived in Baltimore.

I spent a chunk of the day yesterday at school. When I got home, I painted a little, then I went for a swim. After dinner, I switched out the toilet handle. The old one was skinny and short. It was so uncomfortable to use. My hand kept slipping off of it.

The new one is bronze-colored like the sink and tub fixtures. Metals must match.


  1. Brady

    I appreciated the casual comment of “. . . . I went for a swim“

    • Lauren

      Exactly. When I read that, it actually took a while for it to register. >I>”He went to the ocean? …. oh yeah…. his pool……” Glad you’re using it! What’s your cost-per-use?

      To be honest, I missed checking in yesterday and I was confused by the truck photo, too. Congratulations, Brad!!

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