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Floor Food

One of the kids in my classroom dropped a Slim Jim on the floor and left it there. I picked it up and put it on my desk, where it sat for a week and a half. I ate it yesterday.

I hadn’t had a Slim Jim for a looooong time, so I decided to eat it. It wasn’t as good as I was expecting. Was it just that I don’t remember what they tasted like? Or has the taste changed? Whatever the case, I don’t think I will be eating any Slim Jims off the floor again for a while…


  1. Lauren

    Yeah, Slim Jims are so fibrous – not a pleasant chewing experience. That casing is so weird. Regular beef jerky is better (but it’s not my favorite, either).

  2. Carol

    You almost had me spitting coffee out my nose again, Brad, with your closer to paragraph one.

    …and just what had you “expected” that thing to taste like? Desiccated pseudo-meat product with enough preservatives in it to survive a nuclear blast, or…say….something edible? 😉

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