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Postal Plants

I got some new plants for my classroom aquarium. They look like frog bit, which I had in my birdbath in Maui, except these ones have red roots.

They came in the mail! It was so cool!

They look nice in my aquarium, but they all gather around the filter instead of staying under the lights. I don’t know if they’ll get enough light to survive. I hope so…


  1. Lauren

    The name ‘frog bit’ is so interesting. I went on a little Google search and found a hilarious line: “Say hello to Frog bit. What is it’s scientific name? In the words of a great southern plant supplier… “Honey, it didn’t come with a birth certificate.” (We believe it’s Limnobium Spongia.) Ha!

    That is a sweet little world you have set up there. I hope the kids know what a treasure it is. 🙂

  2. Kristi

    It’s all so peaceful-looking. Thanks for sharing, Brad!

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