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Cabinet Construction

My master bathroom is small, but it needs storage. After extensive searching on the internet, I found a cabinet that is thinner than regular. Normal cabinets are 15 inches from back to front. This one is 12 inches.

When it came in the mail, it was in a LOT of pieces:

It took a long time to assemble it, but it turned out nice:

And here’s where it goes:

It takes up some space in the small bathroom, and looks a little awkward maybe, but it provides storage! And a flat surface to put things on! I think I’m going to like it.


  1. Lauren

    Oh! That is charming and brilliant! I think you did a splendid job picking it out and assembling it – now you have a countertop!

  2. Deborah

    I like it!

  3. Lloyd's Cousin Sam

    Good Work. Did you have pieces left over?

    • Brad

      Hehe… no big pieces left over. There were only a few extra screws. I thought there would be more, to be honest. Most of the little baggies were completely empty.

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