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Painting Progress

I had a wonderfully eventful day yesterday.

I started with breakfast at IHOP, where I ate the crispiest hash browns I’ve ever had. They were crunchy and delicious.

I was in the mood to paint. My hallway bathroom has needed painting since I removed the old towel bar and other accessories. I couldn’t match the old paint, so I’d have to do a whole new paint job. The new paint is lighter. It really brightens up the room.

Since I was already doing something in the bathroom, I took out the shower doors. I don’t really care for shower doors. They’re nice looking, but they make bathrooms look smaller, and the glass is always dirty. Here are my progress pics:

The bathroom looks so much bigger now. I love it! And I can see my window orchid so much better.

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  1. Lauren

    WOW! You really went all-out for a productive Saturday! That is an impressive amount of work for one day!

    I agree about the shower doors. Taking them down really opened that up. Funny how a transparent door can ‘stop’ your eyes.

    I hope you get to relax today?

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