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Happy Birthday to my niece Anna! Yay!

Yesterday was my first Sunday of grading since school started. It was as frustrating as usual – maybe a little more so, because I didn’t have that much grading really. I fell asleep for part of the time, then panic-worked for a while. I got everything done of course, but I wish I could figure out how to not be like this.

Anyway, once I was done, I was jittery and full of caffeine, so I decided to go walk at the mall and do some people-watching. It was a good outlet for my energy.

And then I remembered there is a Swarovski store at the mall. Would they have this year’s Christmas ornament out yet? Yes. Yes, they did. I don’t even pretend like I’m making a thoughtful decision about getting or not getting these each year anymore. I just got it 🙂

These are hard to take a picture of. The dark background finally helped show some detail.

This year’s model is very simple. It looks more like a star than a snowflake.


  1. Lauren

    Happy Birthday to Anna!

    The crystal is lovely – I think they had that at Costco!

    If you figure out the secret of getting out of a rut, please share it with me. I heard once that the hardest part is ‘just stand up’. I did try that yesterday and actually went on a walk.

  2. Carol

    I like that you intersperse “reward” (shopping) time with grading time and think that should help overall. In the past, I’d tell myself “you can cross-stitch again once you finish these papers/this planning”, and that helped me plow through some other-wise icky stuff. As we try to do for our middlers, break your activities into 15-30 minute slices and they are easier to swallow, IMHO. 15-30 minutes grading one set of work, then done until…Wish you didn’t have anxiety over this, as it (assessing student work in writing) is such a vital part of teaching. Also wish everything could just be done orally and to the student’s faces. Imagine the green or purple ink one would save, for one thing…

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