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Bins and Bon Bons

I have a table with shelves the kitchen that has become a catch-all for home improvement materials. I like that it’s all at my fingertips there in the kitchen, but I don’t like how it looks kind of cluttered. I went looking for some bins or boxes I could use to organize and camouflage the things.

The Container Store! Surely there would be something appropriate. There was indeed, but it was expensive. I didn’t get it.

I did stop at a drug store later though, and get some chocolate covered cherries. They’re the first ones of the Holiday Season! Yum!

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  1. Lauren

    Marie Kondo could show you how to make your own bins out of cut-down cereal boxes. At least she would have in the early days. Nowadays, I think she has a deal with the Container Store. 😉

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