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Tulip Troubles

I ordered some Iris Pallida Albo Variegata tubers from a bulb company. It’s an iris that has white and green striped leaves, and pale purple flowers. The flowers smell like grape Kool-Aid! Like for real! I had them in Baltimore, and I want to plant some here.

I got the package last week, and the packing slip said “Iris Pallida Albo Variegata”, but the box was full of Don Quichotte tulip bulbs.

It is not cold enough here for tulips. If you want to grow them, they must first be chilled in the refrigerator for at least six weeks (but more is better)

They have to be in a drawer by themselves, because fruits and vegetables give off ethylene gas, which will rot the bulbs.

I’ll plant the tulips in a pot sometime in January. The internet says the stems will be very short, but I think that’ll be ok. I intend to pack them really close together. I don’t think they’ll survive more than one season.

I wrote to the bulb company. I hope they still send me the iris roots.


  1. Lauren

    Dang. That is a very clean fridge. Don’t mistake those for apples or potatoes, ok?

  2. Kristi

    You have Dorothy Lynch in your refrigerator!!

    • Brad

      Ha! Yes, I always like to have some Dorothy on hand. Mom, if you see this, maybe you could bring some along with you when you visit? My bottle is getting low…

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