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Nowhere Knife

Years ago, Lauren gave me a cardboard-sawing knife. At least, I think that’s what it’s officially meant for. What it had become for me was the best thing ever to open packages that came in the mail. It was thin and slicey, but it wasn’t sharp. Its cutting power came from a serrated edge.

I have successfully kept it all these years… until a few months ago, when I lost it. It was maddening. I looked all over the house for it. I used it all the time! Where could I have put it? I eventually gave up looking for it. I must’ve accidentally left it in a box that I put in the recycle bin. Dang.

And then the other day, standing in the hallway outside of my bedroom, I saw this:

I have no memory of putting it there. Why would I even have done that? Under what circumstances would that have been the easiest place to put it? So weird…

But, yay! I have my package opener back again! Bring on the packages!

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  1. Lauren

    Ha! Thank you for the chuckle – that kind of thing brings me both comfort and joy. I’m glad it happens to everyone. 😀 Happy unboxing!

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