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Considerable Comestibles

Today and tomorrow are half days at school so we can do parent/teacher conferences. Since yesterday was the last whole day before Thanksgiving (we have the whole week off next week because of our Lutheran Educator Conference), the kindergarteners had their Thanksgiving Feast. And since the eighth graders are chapel buddies with the kindergarteners, they got invited to the feast. It was so fun!

There was stuff to do on the tables before everyone got their food:

There was an amazing Fruit Turkey:

And there was so much good food! (The parents assured me that the dinosaur nuggets were made from real dinosaur meat)

Afterward, we went out to play on the playground with our buddies. Much fun was had by all.

The school day ended up being very busy. I collapsed into my desk chair after school and fell asleep. I woke with little time to spare before my second Thanksgiving Feast of the day – this time with the Middle School Youth Group from church.

I should have taken a picture of the dessert selections. They were all brought by the kids. There were SO many good things!

After eating, we did a service project. Each year, the church and school collects leftover Halloween candy to be distributed to veterans. It’s called Treats for Troops. The youth group kids bagged the candy in sandwich bags so it could be taken to the distribution place. It was chaotic and fun.

And believe it or not, we bagged it all! Wow!


  1. Lauren

    Wow!! What a full, fulfilling day! That Treats for Troops is awesome, and I think I might have to steal the turkey idea……….

  2. Carol

    What a day! God bless your youth and parents – that all looked wonderful.

    [And here Thurman and I only spent three hours stuck in traffic on 101 between the Oregon Aquarium and Depot Bay (where family is) – nothing nearly as much fun as all that food. Not nearly. Yawn.]

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