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Litter Location

I have moved Bruno’s litter box to the garage. He’s using it there now, so everything seems to be ok for now.

It sure is nice to have the old place free from litter. I’m curious to see how the litter in the garage ends up…


  1. Lauren

    Do you leave the door to the garage propped open, or have you installed a little cat door? If you need a hole in your wall/door, you know where I am.

  2. Beth

    I, too, am curious about how he gets in the garage…

  3. Brad

    The door is propped open with a cast iron cow I got at a swap meet(?) in Baltimore. It held the basement door open in my Baltimore house for years, which is where my previous cats had to go for the litter box.

    The door to my garage is made of metal, so cutting a hole in it would be challenging, perhaps even for you, Lauren.

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