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Pictures of Plants

AHH! There’s a horrible bug on your shoulder! April Fools! Ha!

Yesterday was a good Easter service. After the service was over, I officially entered into vacation time. Woo hoo!

I do have to go to school one of these vacation days, but the rest of the days I’ll be resting and doing home projects. Yay!

In honor of Easter and spring, here are some pictures of flowers and plants around my house. Mostly I’m doing this post because I didn’t take pictures of anything I did yesterday.

The front garden bed is bursting with freesias.

The roses have started blooming. Here’s “April in Paris”:

And here’s “Jardins de Bagatelle”:

Inside, my Vietnamese violet is full of flowers:

And I bought some Oriental lilies. They smell so good!

Look at this plant gripping the closet door in my bedroom:

Ha! It looks like it’s holding the door open. It’s just my overgrown philodendron micans. It’s gotten to the top of its moss pole, and the vines are looking for support.


  1. Lauren

    Yay for some actual time off! How long do you have?

    • Brad

      I’m off this whole week. It’s our spring break. Yay!

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