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Lake and a Haircut

At a fund-raiser auction, my parents won a pontoon boat rental at Branched Oak State Park. Yesterday we redeemed it. It was nice.

In attendance were my parents and their friends from Chicago, my brother and his family, my sister and her family, Lloyd and Lauren, and me. The pontoon could hold about ten or eleven people, so we couldn’t all go at once. We went in two trips. On the first trip I sat in front. Tim rode by me for a while:
He was pointing out all the jet skis he saw.

I leaned against the front railing to get a picture of everybody on the first ride:
The engine was loud, so Daniel and Harold didn't know they should smile for me.

I went along on the second trip so I could enjoy it with Lloyd and Lauren and Anna. I sat in the back with Lauren, Tara, and Anna. I mostly couldn’t hear anything because the engine was so loud.

Noisy but fun.

We also had a fun picnic and the kids played in the sand on the beach. Nice day.

When I got home, I cut my hair. With a #1 clippers. I wanted to experiment again. Last time I tried it, I didn’t like it. This time, I don’t mind so much. Maybe I’ll keep doing it.
I researched going all the way shaved, but it sounds like a lot of work.


  1. Peggy

    Read my thought bubble!

    • Peggy

      Kidding! What a wonderfully fun day!! And I love that 1st picture of you & Tim! That one is chalkboard worthy! And I love Tim in the group picture too….in his little not so little vest, his legs crossed & those sunglasses….too, too cute!!

      You know Brad, you have no need to go to amusement parks……your life is an amusement park!

  2. Lauren

    I like the haircut – it looks especially appropriate since it’s so hot and muggy out.

    The pontoon was very fun! When I was little my grandpa and grandma had a pontoon boat and we would go out on Lake Mattoon every summer. Pontoons are like living rooms that can float.

    • Carol

      A pontoon on Lake Matoon…say that five times, fast. He he.

  3. Carol

    After reading the title, my first impulse was to type, “two bits!” (…think about it…) But then I decided against it. Ahem.

    Did the auction prize cover both trips? That would be amazing. And why does it appear that not everyone wore life jackets – Olympic swimmers in the Royuk clan, or just a group of adults who like to live on the edge? Looks like a fun time was had by all, despite the risk-taking (including you leaning against the front railing). Or perhaps because of it…

    • Brad

      Heh. I’m glad the title made you think that. I almost put the tag ending on it. 🙂

      The auction prize covered rental for all day. We only used two hours.

      We asked the boat guy about life jackets, and he said kids had to wear them, but adults didn’t. If there were enough life jackets on the boat somewhere for all the adults, that was enough.

  4. Kristi

    What? No fishing?

  5. Anna

    Why didn’t you show any pictures of me? I’m hurt. 🙁

    • Lauren

      I’ve got a photo for you: two cute girls.

    • Brad

      I made a space for a picture of you… I don’t know why I didn’t load it. It was sitting right on my computer desktop.

      I’ll put it where it should have been.

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