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An Unexpected Pleasure

Tom and Debbie invited me to go out on their boat yesterday. It was nice of them to invite me. We got into their truck and pulled the boat to the launch point. They were old hands at getting the boat into the water. I mostly just stood and held a rope, but I think I did a good job of holding it.

Something was wrong with the ignition system – the boat wouldn’t start. Dang. We were disappointed. But at least the problem showed itself before we got out, instead of waiting until we were 11 miles away from the truck.

On the way back to Tom and Debbie’s, we stopped at a produce stand. Debbie said this stand usually has good stuff for good prices. She was right. For $3.50, I got a bunch of green beans and an eggplant. Nice. Debbie got some apples. We went back to their place and had lunch on their deck. It turned out to be a nice day in spite of the boat not starting. Good food, good company. Except a honey bee wouldn’t leave me alone, stupid bully bee.

Before I left, Debbie gave me some of her apples. She also had some tangerines that she said might be good candidates for eating whole. With her additions, my fresh produce became beautifully colorful:
It looks like art!

Thanks, Tom and Debbie. Maybe we can get that boat going another time, but it was still a fun visit.


  1. Lauren

    That produce looks fabulous! You could make a still life drawing before you gobble it down. By the way, I retract my whole-orange/tangerine challenge. Eating orange peel? I know you are brave, but that sounds so gross. Unless you candied it….. hmmm……

    Sorry about the boat having trouble, but what a nice event anyway! Thanks, Tom and Debbie!

  2. Carol

    Picturing you earning your badge for Expert Rope Holding….hehe…

    Daggum engine trouble! Reminds me of a time when a water taxi I was on [which my friend and I had taken at the harbor to get back to our parking area from a Pier Six concert] ran out of gas. ‘Course, you’ve seen our harbor – we could’ve swum to shore if need be, I guess. Fortunately, someone brough the captian more gas and we putted in at last, all the while rocking back and forth and singing “Michael Row the Boat Ashore”. Oh, did I mention this had been a Peter, Paul and Mary concert? No foolin’… Anywho, hoping you get a second try at boating soon!

  3. Peggy

    Ahh man….to bad aboat the bout…..I mean about the boat!

    But what a PERFECT day to have a nice lunch outside with friends!! May I start calling you Riley?

    Hi Debbie!

  4. Debbie

    The boat appears to be fixed now…..so hopefully we can still make the trip before the weather gets too cold. It was nice to catch up and enjoy the beautiful day.

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