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A Few Last Things

Yesterday was Brent and Sandra’s last day, so we packed it full of activities.

In the morning, we went snorkeling. I don’t have any pictures of that, but here’s the cinnamon roll I had afterwards. It was so good! Mmm…

Our next activity was hiking in Iao Valley. I hadn’t been on this trail in a long time. It was really fun to see it again. It’s so jungly.

And the view at the end is spectacular.

We ended the day with an upcountry picnic. I didn’t know about this place until we drove past it for our hike on Monday. It has an amazing view of the whole valley area of Maui. It feels like you’re looking down on it from an airplane or something. Incredible!

Brent and Sandra left at 9:30pm last night. They have a long way to fly, and many time zones to cross.


  1. Lauren

    What a spectacular last day! You packed a whole vacation’s worth of fun into one day – and that includes the cinnamon roll. Does that cup say ‘Kraken Coffee’? That’s hilarious!

    • Brad

      Yes – Kraken. It’s a food truck coffee place, and it’s really good. Brent and Sandra really liked it. They helped me fill out my punch card. For my next visit, I’ll get a free drink! Woo hoo!

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