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Hearing and Seeing

HERE is the message I wrote for this past Sunday. At the beginning, I mention a conversation I had at Bible study with Andrea and Nancy. We were discussing the nature of God’s communications.

I think the Bible supports the idea that God could speak to Christians even now, but I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced it myself. Is that because I’m closed to the possibility? I have to admit, I use my head more than I use my heart when it comes to faith.

I do see God at work in my life. There are times when things fall into place so well, or when help comes from a friend at just the right time, or when someone says something that is just what I needed to hear. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard God whispering to my heart.

I may not hear God, but I do often see him. I see him in nature. Every plant, every bird, every sunrise and sunset reminds me of him. It makes the beauty more beautiful, and it makes me happy. That’s got to count for something.


  1. Lauren

    That was perfect, Brad. God spoke through you with this, and it’s just what we needed to hear. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Carol

    Earlier today I felt the need to go to a nearby classroom at a time I was not normally scheduled to be there. The regular teacher is home and teaching virtually this week but there needed to be an in-room supervisor as well. The one assigned did not show at first, so I went in – – and was useful. I choose to believe God spoke to my head/heart and led me there to do what needed to be done. (The coverage teacher was relieved to learn she could go back to her room to complete work for a Thurs. evening presentation, too!) Things like that “count”, too, Brad – don’t you think?

    BTW, You are one of the best appreciators of God’s voice through nature that I know.

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