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Shower Salad

I think Lloyd and Lauren make salad in their bathtub. I went to take a shower yesterday morning, and saw this:

and this:

Oil and vinegar. Salad dressing ingredients. I think the conclusion is clear.

Classroom Swamp

Because my classroom air conditioner isn’t working, I’ve been thinking about alternative cooling methods. I got some fans of course, but someone mentioned swamp coolers in passing, and that got me interested. I decided to research them a little.

The basic idea is that you get a fan to blow through something wet. The water changes state from liquid to vapor. Changing state requires heat energy, which the water gets from the air. With less heat energy in it, the air not only feels cooler, it actually IS cooler.

Swamp coolers require continuously circulating water, which requires a water pump. I decided to Lauren it. I got an air conditioner filter, cut it into a couple of pieces, and poured some water on it with a cup.

The trash bag is to catch the excess water.

The trash bag is to catch the excess water.

It didn’t seem to feel any cooler than a non-filter fan when I put them side-by-side. I think maybe the continuously running water may be a requirement. Alternately, I could have been too humid yesterday. If there is already a lot of water in the air, it seems like not much more would vaporize in a swamp cooler.

I think this might require more testing…

Carnation Chemical

The Carnation Breakfast Drink I buy is in plastic containers. When I pull off the film that seals the top of the container, there is a strong chemical smell.

I wonder what it is. Are they pumping the container full of some kind of inert gas so the powder is preserved?

The taste of the drink is not affected , and the smell is gone by the second morning.

I probably should be getting it in the pouch form by mail order anyway. It would probably be cheaper, and it doesn’t smell weird when I open it.


A few weeks ago, I got an issue of “Wired” magazine in the mail. It said something about my new subscription. I thought it was weird, and was going to look into it, but then I got busy and forgot. A few days ago, another issue came in the mail. I still had’t done anything about it up until yesterday.

Then yesterday, I got an issue of “Bon Appetit” magazine. This was getting strange. I checked my bank statement, and don’t see anything strange, but still… I’m a little nervous. Why are random magazines being sent to my house with my name on them?

I'm curious about their contents, but haven't taken the time to look in them.

I’m curious about their contents, but haven’t taken the time to look in them.

Mystery Marks

When I got home yesterday it was still light outside. It was weird. We’ve had so much cloud cover and rain in the last couple of weeks, it’s been dark almost all day long, and the lengthening daylight has not been noticeable. Today, the skies had cleared, so in the evening, the sun was allowed to shine until its setting.

I did a quick inspection of the porch because I haven’t looked at it in a while. I saw something curious on the lattice under the porch:

There was a similar mark on the oil pipe:

What could this mean? Is it a hobo mark of some kind? Is someone signaling that my house has old-fashioned heat?

Or perhaps it’s my old enemy the Japanese Illuminati. Perhaps they mean to fill up my heating oil tank for free and give me a false sense of financial security that will lead me to make some unwise business decisions…

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