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Cleaning the Garden

I worked in my garden yesterday. It was glorious! I was going to clean out the area under my back porch. It was quite messy. Once I started piling trash into the back of my truck, I realized that I could do some pruning while I was at it. I clipped the deutzia, the butterfly bushes, the cherry tree, and the holly bush. I noticed after clipping the holly bush that I’m starting to make it into an informal espalier.

See how the branches are flat against the wall?

When I got all the trash and garden waste loaded into my truck, I went to the dumping site. The man there greeted me by saying “We don’t got no room.” I said, “Do you have more bins coming?” He said, “No.” (awkward silence) I didn’t know what to say next. It was 12:30 and apparently they were done for the day. He said, “Don’t go to Sisson street. They’re full, too.” (awkward silence) I was still confused. Then he said, “Your best bet is to go to the landfill.”

So I called Lloyd and got the location of the landfill. I had to drive over the crazy high Francis Scott Key bridge. I prayed that all my trash wouldn’t blow out while I was on the bridge. I found the landfill with no difficulty at all. Once I got there, the guy said, “I’m not supposed to take branches, but I’ll let you in anyway.” I guess the employees at all locations are trained to give you a hard time about some kind of imaginary rule.

The landfill is on Quarantine Road.  Fitting name, huh?

Speaking of cuts, I also cut my hair yesterday. I guess the “extra volume” shampoo has been working!

This is my first post with two categories.  I've always felt it was somehow improper.

But the most exciting news from yesterday is that my tadpoles have legs. Yay!

The little dears are growing up.

A Tie, a Shirt, and a Miracle

He is risen! Alleluia!

Yesterday I went out to get my Easter tie. This is the third such tie. It’s kind of fun, and it gives me an excuse to get new tie. I have a lot of ties, but only several really nice ones… ten or so. This way, my selection of nice ties increases each year. This year, I was looking for an orange tie. I went to Arunel Mills Mall to look around. In Burlington Coat Factory, I hit the motherlode. Here is what I selected:


While I was there, I went to Banana Republic, as is my wont. Everything in the store was 40% off. Forty percent off outlet prices. I did a good job of controlling impulses, though. I got another of my long sleeved shirts for $7. In the picture below, I tried to pose like a model to show off my shirt and my Easter haircut, but Max couldn’t stand not being the center of attention, so he had to ruin it. He’s such a ham.


Right as it was getting dark, I had gone into the back yard. It was there I witnessed an Easter miracle:

Cue the music.

It’s only a single cherry blossom, but it gives me hope. I still may kill it, but at least I’m considering keeping it now.

The End of “20 Cents”

My cellphone has been slowly deteriorating. The hinge has been particularly stiff, and over the last couple of days, I’ve gotten the “Check SIM” message a couple of times. It’s been clear that the phone was on its way out.

So I decided to get a new phone. I did my research first. I don’t like buying electronics without reading a little of Consumer Reports and a little bit of user reviews. I had said that I wanted to get a cellphone that was just a phone. The Pantech Breeze fit the bill, but it only came in white, and I just didn’t want a white phone. I guess when it comes down to it, what the phone looks like is important to me. So I considered some other phones as well.

After spending a long time in the store looking at phones and fiddling with them, I ended up getting a Motorola Razr V9. It is the descendant of my old phone, so it has a familiar layout. Plus I like how it looks. Ironically, has almost every bell and whistle available to cellphones. All I wanted was a phone. I’ve kept my stripped-down phone plan, so there will be no streaming video or music for me. Also, no GPS navigation or web access. But I did finally add texting to my plan, so at last I will stop paying 20 cents per text.

Max says this phone passes the taste test.

Since I got a haircut last night, I tried to take a picture of the phone next to my head. None of them came out very well, but at least this one shows the full-sized screen that’s located on the outside of my phone. If I used any of the non-phone features of this phone, this outside screen would be useful. For me, it’s just a clock.

It was 9:59pm.

A Full Day

I went to the World of Pets Expo yesterday. It has been two years since my last visit. Time flies!

I had fun walking through the vendor area. This year’s newest offering was a gerbil show. I didn’t get too close because I’ve killed so many rodents in my life I thought I might smell of death and scare the owners.

There was a different sign explaining that gerbils are not rats.

I was particularly fascinated at the booth of a vendor called Pocket Pets. They were selling small animals called sugar gliders. After coming home and researching a little, I know I wouldn’t get any as long as I have another pet. I wouldn’t dedicate enough time to their care. They’re still cool though. They said pictures weren’t allowed, so you’ll have to go to the link if you want to see them.

The obstacle course was great. I watched for a long time.
Was this a new category?

No, they were just making sure they remembered the course.

Here’s a fast dog. I love when he does the weave thing. He’s quick!

Here’s a slow dog. The way he went through the weave thing made me laugh.

I finished the day by seeing “Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans” (which is definitely BMN material) and by FINALLY getting my hair cut. You can tell how freaky-long it was by looking at my sideburns.



I went to Home Depot yesterday, and while I was there I noticed a peculiar sign. I don’t remember seeing this before, so I took a picture. Maybe it’s old news to other people, but I found it quite shocking:

Strippers?  At Home Depot?

Since I’m posting racy pictures already, here’s a picture of my nearly-naked head. I got a haircut yesterday.

Showing skin.

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